October Decorating and Costume Ideas

It’s October.  The stores are littered with Halloween candy, costumes and decorations, along with general autumn decor.  As my daughter pointed out yesterday, Christmas decorations are also on display in the stores already.  It’s a confusing time of year.  Should I pull out my Halloween decorations or my fall season items?  Well, since I have limited quantities of both and not enough to go around, I’ll probably just combine them.  I’ll leave the Christmas tinsel for at least November, some time after I take down the Halloween tidbits.

The original concept behind Halloween was based on superstitions about evil spirits and hauntings.  It is now a widely celebrated American excuse for candy and costume parties for children and adults alike.  It’s spread to many other countries as well.

My husband and I are attending our first Halloween costume party since the kids were born (provided we can find a babysitter), and I’m trying to decide a costume theme.  I often wear a simple accessory or two, such as a witch hat or cat ears, whiskers and a tail when handing out candy to the children.  The last time my husband and I attended a costume party, I dressed as an angel all in white, and he was a handsome devil.  This year, here are a few of the ideas I’m contemplating:

  1. Hellboy and Liz Sherman
  2. Edward and Bella from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, specifically the Breaking Dawn version of Bella.  I actually prefer Alice and Jasper, but characters from books are obscure enough to the general audience, whereas peripheral characters would surely never be recognized at our neighborhood party.
  3. A replay of the angel and devil ensemble

Please feel free to offer suggestions!


  1. I have always wanted to go as Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros. cartoon on cartoon network. I don’t know if I could get Darin to be the monarch or not… maybe Brock Samson.

    But Halloween always sneaks up on me and then I realize I’m broke and not as talented as my SIL who can make amazing costumes from scratch. She made Romana’s “Hedwig the Owl” costume last year – I can’t even tell you how awesome it was. She used these big eyes from an actual taxidermy shop!


  2. Genius! I loooooooove Dr. Horrible and Penny — pretty much anything Joss Whedon does, for that matter. I turned it on just now with my two-year-old in my lap, to see what I’d have to do for costumes, and she kept pointing to Dr. Horrible and saying “Daddy” and to Penny and saying “Mommy,” so I guess it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I’m guessing that no one at the neighborhood costume party would recognize the characters though. Sometimes I do miss the San Francisco Halloween block party on Castro & Market, where every cool character is magnificently portrayed, recognized and celebrated by some group of fans out there.


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