Graphic Novel Review: Fluffy by Simone Lia

Originally produced by the author in four volumes, Simone Lia’s Fluffy is now available as a graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics.  This hard cover book tells the humorous story of ordinary single man Michael Pulcino and his cute white bunny rabbit, who happens to walk on two legs, talk, and is whole-heartedly convinced that Michael is her father.

Think your family is dysfunctional?  If all the members are human, you’re one step ahead of Michael Pulcino.  The laugh-out-loud premise of this book is ideally complemented by the subtle yet humorous writing and simplistic graphic illustrations displayed on every page.  Somehow I was able to identify with certain aspects of Michael and Fluffy’s relationship, absurd and unusual as it was, and I found myself fondly attached to Fluffy and sympathic to Michael within the first few pages.  Lia manages to create realistic emotional relationships between characters with a light-hearted talent that only comics could portray.

Look Daddy, I’ve drawn you a picture.

Very good.

No.  You didn’t look at it properly Daddy.  I drew Spiderman flying in the sky.

Is that me at the bottom?

No silly Billy — It’s Jesus because Jesus loves Spiderman because Spiderman is good at flying.

To add to the surreal aspect of this graphic novel about a man and his bunny-child, parts of the story are narrated by a character both drawn and described as a dust particle.  Mr. Dust Particle does a fine job as professional narrator, much to the chagrin of the ousted dandruff flake who was originally considered for the role.

For a fun and frivolous diversion, I recommend picking up a copy of Fluffy by Simone Lia.  Whether for a fan of graphic novels or simply for someone who enjoys a playful bit of humor now and then, this book would make for a great gift for the upcoming holidays.

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