No Way, Jose!

My youngest daughter recently turned two, and her nonstop commentary throughout the day keeps me laughing out loud.  The other night at dinner, while my husband was coaxing her to take “just one more bite,” she shook her head and told him firmly “No way, Jose!”

The surprising part was that she didn’t pick this phrase up from her big sister, who was somewhat unfamiliar with the expression herself.

A couple of days later, we attended a playgroup where she met another boy, age one-and-a-half, named Jose.  This prompted her to happily repeat her latest catch phrase over and over.  (My husband only hopes that she keeps this up well past adolescence with all the boys she meets, regardless of their names.)

One comment

  1. Her Papa also hopes she keeps up “no way Jose” with all the boys waaaaay beyond her adolescence! Way to go!

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