My husband and I got an amazing deal on a last minute cruise to the Bahamas, and we decided to be spontaneous and book it.  Though we’ve travelled pretty extensively, we’ve never taken a cruise together.  Usually, we’d prefer to go to one place and really experience it rather than just sit back and “enjoy the ride” to several different short stops along the route, as seems to be the case with taking a cruise.

Now that my oldest is in kindergarten, my parents offered to stay at our house and watch the kids while we went somewhere.  This is a first, and we knew we’d be crazy to pass up the generous offer, so we started researching inexpensive last minute getaways, which is how we stumbled upon the cruise option.  I’m sure the spectacular deal we got has something to do with the fact that it is still hurricane season.  Still, I can’t wait to leave in a few days.

I recently read an interesting article about cruising to Alaska.  Have you ever been on a cruise or considered going on one?  Where did you or would you go?


  1. My in-laws did an Alaskan cruise last year and LOVED it. They loved the fact that all they had to do is wander around as they pleased & their suitcases were always in their hotel room or cabin when they got there. Have fun!!!

    I personally, have a little “issue” with the fear of being stuck out on a boat in the middle of the ocean, but if I could get past that, I would love to go on one.


  2. I did a girl’s cruise to the Bahamas in May. It was a Royal Carribean cruise and according to my girlfriend who has been on many cruises, our ship was on the older side. Think 80s! I think it’s what you make of it. The cruise itself was ok but we had a blast!!!!! I’ve heard that the longer cruises tend to have less of a party atmosphere and I’ve heard lots of good things about the Alaskan cruises! Can’t wait to hear all about it!


  3. woo-hoo! time away from kids with honey! i dream of it. we’ve considered a short cruise, but both kind of nay’d it. can’t wait to hear about yours, since it seems a secondary type choice for you, too.


  4. Sounds like fun! Since high school or college I’ve wanted to an Alaskan cruise. An aunt/uncle on hubby’s side went for their 25th anniversary and had a great time.


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