My oldest daughter (who just turned five a couple of weeks ago) started kindergarten today.  As the mass chaos of kids were lining up in front of the school, waiting for their teachers to lead them inside, mothers snapped photos while some children clung nervously to their parents or cried.  My confident little one gave me an exasperated look when I took one too many pictures and told me, “Just go Mom.”

(Hmm… I wonder where she gets that driven sense of independence from?)

One of my neighbors was there dropping off her youngest boy.  She asked me, “Oh, she’s your first.  How are you doing?”

I replied, “I’m a little sad. I wish they had all-day kindergarten, but this will have to do for now, I guess.”

My youngest daughter, who just turned two last month, keeps insisting, “I go preschool now!”

I told her that if I can find a school with a program for two-year-olds, she’s in.  Guess I better start looking into it.

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