I often write about supernatural characters in my stories.  As a child, I firmly believed that faeries, sprites, and other magical creatures lurked behind every tree in a veil of reality just beyond our immediate line of sight.  I imagined that I would glimpse a momentary reflection of a water sprite playing in the mist drifting from a waterfall, or hear a giggle and the buzz of tiny wings near my ear as a faerie darted just beyond my peripheral vision.  I was convinced that the arrangement of certain flora and fauna in a corner of the yard or along hiking trails were evidence of gifted hands tending a magical garden.

I am delighted to see this spirit of fantastical possibilities continue with my own children.  My four-year-old daughter told me a few days ago that elves had visited her room while she slept.  As proof, she held up what looked to be a little doll purse, and told me, “See Mommy, one left his suitcase behind.”


  1. You know, that could be the beginning of a magical Narnia type movie… or a really creepy one where you all end up having to close some evil vortex in your living room.


  2. I never would have pictured a Corgi as a ‘steed’ before your comment, but now I think that the image of elves riding Corgis will stick with me. Very cute!


  3. You know that in Iceland, plenty of adults still believe in the little folk? It’s a theme that’s growing in strength in new writing, I feel (or perhaps that’s just my impish egocentricity!)


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