The Host by Stephenie Meyer

The Host by Stephenie MeyerThe Hachette Book Group, a division of Little, Brown and Company publishers, has kindly sent me a new box of books.  I was thrilled to open it and see several pristine hardcover copies of The Host, Stephenie Meyer’s latest novel.  Though independent from her highly successful Twilight vampire series, The Host still falls within the science fiction or urban fantasy genre.  Just released last week, this tale about an invasion of body snatcher-like entities is one that I can’t wait to begin reading.

Best of all, they sent me additional copies to give away for promotion to you lucky readers!  One copy will be offered via the Damian Daily, and one via my upcoming article in Blogcritics Magazine.  I will write a review of the book and offer a promotional giveaway soon, so please check back again for more information.


  1. the book was truly uhmazing!
    theres so much to say about the book…too much to say! haha
    words can’t even describe as to how i feel about The Host (twilight series as well!!)
    its breath-taking & ‘out of this world’ ;]
    i LOVE it!!! =]


  2. i love da stories by stephannie meyer she needs 2 write a seqwal 2 dis book”the host” or anuther twilight book she is like amazing


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