Forgive me if my posts are not as frequent or my writing is not up to par at the moment.  I have been suffering from severe and seemingly endless headaches.  The seering pain rattles my whole system, making me nauseous and dizzy.  If there is anyone else out there who has suffered from chronic headaches, I’d love to hear any tips you might have about ways to deal with the pain.  I am seeking medical advice, but as of yet, nothing seems to be doing the trick for me.  What do you do when you feel like your head is about to explode?


  1. The Mayans used to use a hammer and a chisel and knock a hole in the head to release the pressure. I don’t know if that would work in your case, but I thought I’d pass along the tip. 😉


  2. icepack.

    Chicago is rough during the seasonal shifts, which are usually pretty violent. It’s 80 degrees; It’s 50; It’s blazing sunshine; It’s storming wind and rain; Whoops! Sleet again! I get the majority of my nasty headaches in the spring. My babies always get cranky too.


  3. I have a few ideas, but I’d need to know more about what’s going on with you. Do you have seasonal allergies? Do you take medications on a regular basis? Do you eat any foods with artificial sweeteners? Do you eat lots of cold foods? There could be many reasons for your chronic headaches. Leave me a message if you want to talk more about it.


  4. My father used to get awful headaches. He relieved them by using a device which hung from a door frame and gave a gentle upward pressure on his neck, stretching his head a little bit upward.
    I too have headaches (though not as severe.) I have found that doing neck exercises helps. Maybe the two “cures” are related.


  5. In response to the last two posts, I do have herniated and bulging disks in my neck. Traction helps a bit, as does chiropractic and massage therapy. I also seem to have some seasonal allergies, but I try to avoid medication for the most part. I avoid artificial sweeteners, and I am aware of some food triggers (walnuts and pecans). Per my doctor’s suggestion, I am keeping a food diary (again) to see if I can find more specific dietary triggers.


  6. Strangely enough coffee does help me at times.

    Right now I suspect that the main character of my novel is just spiting me with headaches saying that’s what I get for writing about a character who suffers from massive headaches etc. Thanks a lot Ares 😉

    Anyway, I hope you’ll find something that will help you soon.


  7. Hi Lisa,
    I love to read your blog, and keep up with your kids doings, The worm/playground story was so funny.


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