Trout Valley, the Hertz Estate, and Curtiss Farm by Lisa Damian

Trout Valley, the Hertz Estate, and Curtiss FarmMy new book, Trout Valley, the Hertz Estate, and Curtiss Farm (Images of America), will be released in July 2008.  Featuring the pioneering American entrepreneurs John D. Hertz (founder of the rental car industry) and Otto Schnering of Curtiss Candy Company (inventor of Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars), it is a nonfiction snapshot of history told through photographs and accompanying text.  The book primarily focuses on the 1920s through 1940s, but concludes with a look at the Trout Valley traditions that continue today.


  1. Linda — Yes, there are two chapters dedicated to Otto Schnering, the Curtiss Candy Company, and Curtiss Breeding Service, along with dozens of photographs from that era.


  2. This was a great book. The information on Curtiss Candy Farms was excellent and captured the feel of what impact the farms had on the dairy industry. I have some Curtiss Candy Farm memorabilia, and it was fun to see some of the pictures in publications I have.


  3. My dad worked at Curtiss Farms before he took over one of the family farms. I bought the book at Between the Lynes in Woodstock for him as a Christmas gift and he loved it. Great job!


  4. I was one of the employes that initiated the Curtiss Candy Improved Stud Service. I was involved in actually collecting the semen. It was a two man operation. Your book will bring back a lot of memories. Thanks for writing it.


  5. My parents managed the employee boarding house at Curtiss Farm from 1950 to 1953. I was one of those lucky kids that got swimming & horse back riding lessons courtesy of Mr. Schnerring. I also learned a lot about life by hanging around with the guys at the stud service both in the lab and when they were collecting semen from the bulls. Would love to see the book–how do I get a copy?


  6. Ed, thanks for commenting. What a great childhood you must have enjoyed at Curtiss Farms!

    You can get the book at local Barnes & Noble stores. You can also order it online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any major bookseller. It’s even available as an eBook for Kindle or iBooks.


  7. Lisa, is the book about the Curtiss Candy Farms still available to purchase? Growing up the early fifties, we lived on one of farms while waiting for our house to be finished- farm was located on Rt 25 between Rt 63 and 62. I may be wrong, but we were told we were living on a Curtiss Candy. Thanks for any info. Barry B Whipple Tel: # 480-363-2539


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