Paul Kilduff’s Upcoming Author Tour: May 31

On May 31, the Damian Daily will be hosting an interactive author interview with Paul Kilduff, whose humorous nonfiction travelogue, Ruinair, describes his misadventures traveling throughout Europe on a notoriously low-budget airline.

I am told that a review copy is in the mail, and I hope to post a review of the book before the interview.  Here’s a brief description of the book’s premise:

Stung by a ten hour delay and a E300 fare to Spain on his native “low-fares” airline, Dubliner Paul Kilduff plots revenge – to fly to every country in Europe for the same total outlay, suffering every low-fares airline indignity. Armed with no more than 10kg of carry-on baggage, he endures 6.00am departures, Six Nations-style boarding scrums, lengthy bus excursions, terminal anxiety and cabin crew who deliver famed customer service.’

Ruinair was the bestselling nonfiction title in Ireland for its first seven weeks of publication.  Paul Kilduff has also written four novels.

Save the date — May 31 — and feel free to come up with a question or two of your own to add to the conversation.

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