Tattoos & Toddlers

Are my kids the only ones fascinated with tattoos, or is this common for the younger set?  They’ve seen their fair share of the colorful artwork, but fortunately for now, they are satisfied with the temporary version.

My one-year-old only has about fifty words in her vocabulary, and one of her favorites is “tattoo.”  She lifts up her pant leg, points to her calf, and begs me for a “taddoooo.”

She learned this from her big sister, the four-year-old gatekeeper of the temporary tattoo collection.  My oldest expects them in every stocking, Easter basket, and trick-or-treat bag.  Their collection currently includes unicorns, hula girls, hearts, roses, monkeys, sharks, and monsters.

My four-year-old has become quite adept at applying them to her own limbs and those of her little sister.  Between the tattoos, superhero capes, tutus, and costume jewelry, they make quite the ornamented pair.


  1. I have three, myself – the visible ones being a B&W sun on the inside of one wrist, and a crop circle symbolizing the moon on the other. The first tattoos my daughter gave herself were circular patterns on each of her wrists. I think it’s cute…. for now.


  2. I don’t know about tattoos – Lillian is not that into them. However, she knows the word “geyser.” Incredible.


  3. My kids were never much into them, but my daughter had at least a couple when she was little. It was never a very big compulsion with her, or with my boys, either. I always thought they were cool but apparently my kids didn’t get that gene!


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