Moving from Guam to Pennsylvania

I can’t believe it’s been almost eight years since I announced that I was moving halfway around the world to Guam. We expected our stay on the small island that my ancestors called home to be just three years long, but we quickly fell in love with living on a tropical island in the Eastern hemisphere, where the weather and the ocean are warm all year around, the people are kind, and the lifestyle is relaxing. Though it was very difficult to leave, we made the leap this past year back to the U.S. mainland, settling in Doylestown, PA.

Living through our first winter back in the states was a difficult adjustment, to say the least, but now that spring finally seems to have arrived, we are enjoying the scenic beauty of Pennsylvania, from the wide variety of lushly blossoming trees to the bulb flowers beginning to bloom. We have attended many local festivals and enjoyed hiking through local state and county parklands. Guam will always be close to our hearts, but I’m a firm believer that you should make the most of wherever you are. Be a tourist in the area you call home and learn about the history, culture, and scenery that surrounds you.

It’s been quite a transition, but now that we’re settling into our new surroundings, I’m hoping to return to my Damian Daily blog on a more regular basis. Please stay tuned for future book reviews, travel reviews, and reflections in the months ahead.

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