Book Release: Spots on The Rock, Guide to Guam Hikes and Nature Trails

SpotsOnTheRock cover

For years, I have been hiking with a group of adventurous women in Guam, exploring waterfalls, caves, peaks, jungles, cliff trails leading down to hidden snorkeling spots, and the natural beauty of this rock we call home.  In the past, The Best Tracks on Guam: A Guide to the Hiking Trails by Dave and Bev Lotz has been our go-to book for learning about various hikes.  My copy has been in my small hiking backpack almost since the day I moved here, with hand-written notes about our various hikes added along the way.  It’s been well-loved and highly utilized, and when I thought I lost it for a period of time, I was at a complete loss because this one tiny paperback book could not be found for purchase anywhere on island.  It’s been out of print for a couple of years now, and up until now, there has been no other resource like it.

I’m thrilled to report, however, that there’s a new book on the market, The Guam Daily Post Presents: Spots on the Rock, Guide to Guam Hikes and Nature Trails.  It’s not easy to find, and I haven’t been able to find a copy online as of yet.  I found a copy in the Bestseller bookstore in Guam Premier Outlet mall just this morning.  It doesn’t seem to be well marketed, and very little information is available online about it.  Even The Guam Daily Post that published it offers very little information about it online.  In true island fashion, it’s just one of those little treasures you have to stumble upon yourself, hear about word-of-mouth, or learn about on this Damian Daily blog where I strive to keep readers informed about these important island resources.

In my opinion, Spots on the Rock is an even better guide than The Best Tracks on Guam.  It’s more user-friendly with better trail maps, colorful pictures, details about the various hiking trails, and interesting facts and information about Guam history.  It’s a collection based on The Guam Daily Post’s “Spots on the Rock” articles found in the Island Life section.  The cost is $24.95, and as a true islander knows, you should rush out and buy your copy right away before they’re all gone and possibly never seen again.


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