Global Rescue

Global Rescue logoFor those of us who travel a lot for business or pleasure, or even those of us who only take one trip a year, it’s good to plan for emergencies.  Medical evacuation is something I hope we never have to use, but I sleep better at night (wherever I’m at) knowing that we’re covered should that worst case scenario arise.

I subscribe to Global Rescue for my family, which is surprisingly affordable for the comprehensive services they provide.  I’ve witnessed several friends who have had to navigate medical emergencies abroad, so I know it’s always a possibility.  We chose their Travel Plan, which offers “medical, security, evacuation, field rescue and intelligence services for travelers more than 100 miles from home.”  They also offer a Total Care Plan, which includes everything in the Travel Plan plus virtual healthcare and specialty consults.

After we subscribed, they sent us handy luggage tags with their phone number in bold print, which I put on each of our suitcases.  I also keep one of their cards in my wallet, so the Global Rescue contact info with our plan ID number is always handy.  If an emergency arises during our travels, I know one of my first calls will be to Global Rescue.

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