Scuba Diving with My Kids


My daughters, ages 10 and 13, recently got certified to scuba dive here in Guam, and they absolutely love it. Diving with my kids has been one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever shared with them. They’re naturals in the water, effortlessly maintaining neutral buoyancy and hovering over the reef to study everything they see. My older daughter prefers to dive without any weights when she’s not wearing her wetsuit.

Their personalities really come through, even 40 feet below the surface.  My older daughter does backflips and takes copious notes on everything she sees, using her underwater tablet. My younger daughter does Superman poses, tries to swim like a mermaid holding her fins together, and spots small details like clown fish, nudibranchs, and tiny baby starfish.

They’re spoiled by the 85 degree water, 80 foot visibility, colorful coral reefs, and abundant sea life here in Guam.  It’s nothing like the 46 degree murky water I experienced when I got certified on an unusually poor day in Monterey, CA almost 24 years ago.  Even back then though, I loved each minute I spent under the water and have taken advantage of every opportunity to dive in the years since, even planning a scuba diving honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef when my husband and I got married.

Now, being able to scuba dive with my daughters, it’s like a dream come true.  Their love for the ocean is as strong as mine, and I treasure being able to share this adventure with them.

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