Growing a Pineapple

IMG_2867We recently grew our first pineapple using the top of an ordinary pineapple we bought at the grocery store.  This is a simple process anyone can do, and it’s a great project for kids.  We simply cut off the top, ate the rest of the pineapple, and stuck the top in soil in a large garden pot.  The plant grew quickly and took up quite a bit of space, so I’d recommend using a very large pot.

Before the fruit appeared, the top of the plant turned pinkish-orange, almost like a flower.  The pineapple grew much larger than its original host.  We knew it was ready to pick when it ripened up to a gold color and smelled sweet.  As with most things grown in your own garden and picked ripe, it was much more flavorful than something bought in a store.  Our pineapple was juicy and sweet as candy!


3 thoughts on “Growing a Pineapple

  1. This is awesome! I hear pineapple plants take forever to grow fruit, but it does look pretty lovely even before then. How long did you grow yours before harvesting your first pineapple?

    1. I think it took close to a year before we got fruit, but I hear it can sometimes take up to three years. There are various tips on gardening blogs about getting it to fruit early. My husband’s the real gardener, so I can’t take credit.

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