Growing a Pineapple

IMG_2867We recently grew our first pineapple using the top of an ordinary pineapple we bought at the grocery store.  This is a simple process anyone can do, and it’s a great project for kids.  We simply cut off the top, ate the rest of the pineapple, and stuck the top in soil in a large garden pot.  The plant grew quickly and took up quite a bit of space, so I’d recommend using a very large pot.

Before the fruit appeared, the top of the plant turned pinkish-orange, almost like a flower.  The pineapple grew much larger than its original host.  We knew it was ready to pick when it ripened up to a gold color and smelled sweet.  As with most things grown in your own garden and picked ripe, it was much more flavorful than something bought in a store.  Our pineapple was juicy and sweet as candy!



  1. This is awesome! I hear pineapple plants take forever to grow fruit, but it does look pretty lovely even before then. How long did you grow yours before harvesting your first pineapple?


    • I think it took close to a year before we got fruit, but I hear it can sometimes take up to three years. There are various tips on gardening blogs about getting it to fruit early. My husband’s the real gardener, so I can’t take credit.

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  2. […] We decided to take matters into our own hands and grow a variety of fruits and vegetables in our yard.  Since moving into our new home in August, we’ve planted an avocado tree, a mulberry tree, a pomegranate tree, and passion fruit.  There was already a calamansi tree in the yard when we moved in, and we brought our other two potted calamansi trees with us.  (For those of you who don’t know what calamansi is, it’s a citrus that grows in this region of the world. It looks like a tiny lime, but it’s orange on the inside. It tastes like a blend between lemon and tangerine, and I’ve become absolutely addicted to squeezing calamansi juice on everything.). We also brought our potted pineapple plants. […]


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