FestPac 2016: More Dance Performances

Rapa Nui dancers from Easter Island

As I said in an earlier post, dance is one of my favorite forms of art.  I’ve been actively seeking out the various dance performances throughout the Festival of Pacific Arts 2016.  The main venues for dance performances appear to be the Paseo Festival Village in Hagatna, the Guam Museum in Hagatna, the Farmers Co-Op in Dededo, and Sagan Bisita in Agat.

I recently attended performances at the Agat venue, where I watched several different islands from the Northern Mariana Islands perform, as well as Pohnpei, Rapa Nui from Easter Island, Guam, and Taiwan. The performers, costumes, music, and native dances, all unique to their own native culutres, were definitely a sight to behold.  I was dragged out of the audience and taken up on stage to dance with both Rapa Nui and Guam at different points during the evening, creating new memories to last a lifetime.

Dancer from Guam performs at FestPac

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