FestPac 2016: Singing, Dancing & Floral Arts

Singers and Dancers from Taiwan

We spent time at the Paseo Festival Village in Hagatna, Guam yesterday where art work from 27 Pacific Island nations are on display.  This is the real deal.  Everything is hand-made by true artists. No mass-produced souvenirs at the Festival of Pacific Arts. There are weavers, wood carvers, jewelry makers, poets, painters, metal forgers, tattoo artists, singers, dancers, musicians, florists, and artists of every discipline.

IMG_2644FestPac visitors may attend field trips to learn about healing plants or partake in opportunities to learn and play traditional tribal games. We’re enjoying the chance to learn about other cultures, without having to travel. Yesterday, I learned a few things about the head-hunting history in the Solomon Islands.  We loved watching the drummers, singers, dancers, and musicians perform throughout the day.

We attended a floral demonstration with florists from the Solomon Islands.  They were each business owners in their community, one of them the president of a grassroots women-in-business organization teaching women how to become business leaders.  It was amazing how quickly and skillfully these talented florists worked.  They each had a clear and unique vision.  Demonstrations will continue throughout the rest of the festival.

Florists from the Solomon Islands

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