New Zealand with Kids: Auckland Days 1-3

Mount Eden, NZBack in April, we had the opportunity to spend time with friends in Auckland, New Zealand.  It was no easy feat getting there from Guam, flying standby as we always do.  On the way there, we chose to fly through Cannes, Australia.  Unfortunately, United Airlines has since discontinued their direct service from Guam to Cannes, so that won’t be an option the next time we go.  Australia requires a Visa fee, even if you’re just transiting through the airport to make a connection.  We arrived late at night and slept a few hours at an airport hotel before hopping on an early morning flight out the next day.  It was well worth the trouble though, once we finally set foot in Auckland.

Coyle Park, NZWe stayed with friends at their beautiful home within walking distance of the Auckland Zoo.  Our two daughters were delighted to have friends to play with.  We spent the first few days visiting, eating, and seeing a few sights.  The view from Mount Eden of Auckland and the surrounding bay was amazing!  We grabbed lunch at a cafe in Point Chevalier, and the kids played at Coyle Park while we admired the view.

IMG_6854The highlight of our first couple of days was getting together with all our Kiwi pals at a friend’s lifestyle block just outside the city of Auckland.  I had never before heard the term “lifestyle block.”  It’s a private residence on several acres of land intended for hobby farming.  We were treated to a delicious meal of local lamb and venison, and the kids had an opportunity to swim and help herd sheep into a pen for shearing.


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