Chiang Mai, Thailand with Kids: Days 4-7

Wat Phra Singh templeAfter leaving the Maetaeng area, we checked into the Sibsan Resort in Chiang Mai.  It was a bit farther outside of the city center than we would have preferred, but the property was serene, and the rooms were large and comfortable.  We took cabs or tuk-tuks into and out of the city of Chiang Mai to visit the Wat Phra Singh temple, shop at the Night Market, try out a few restaurants, and take in another spa day.

We absolutely loved the Night Market in Chiang Mai.  Not only was the shopping amazing, but the vibrant life and feel of the market was an experience in and of itself.  My family found a favorite ice cream vendor who made passion fruit ice cream that was absolutely delectable.

Perhaps one of the most memorable days for our family was St. Patrick’s Day, though we might have been the only ones in the city who celebrated it.  My daughters made up an elaborate myth about Thai leprechauns living in the walls who left shiny gifts and granted wishes.  Their leprechaun left them each a Thai bracelet with miniature gold coins in the leprechaun trap they spent an hour making before bedtime.

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