Bangkok with Kids: Day 1

IMG_5742At the end of my husband’s working trip to Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City, we tagged on a family vacation to Thailand. My daughters and I hopped a Thai Airways flight directly from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok, while Captain Daddy flew a plane from Ho Chi Minh back to Hong Kong.  We tried to fly standby with him on his flight to Hong Kong, but the plane was full.  It worked out just fine though because we were able to get to Bangkok, check into our hotel, explore the area a bit, and get settled in before he arrived to meet us that evening.

My girls were eager to scout out the local spas within walking distance of the hotel.  They had never experienced a “spa day” before, but we had been told that Thailand was a great place to indulge at extremely affordable prices, so I told them we might treat ourselves to a Mommy/Daughter Spa Day while we were there.  We found several spas within a block radius of the hotel, and they all featured manicures and massages for a fraction of what it would cost in the U.S.  There are also 7-11 convenience stores on just about every block, so I let the girls grab a snack to tie them over until dinner.  They were delighted about the lemon Slurpees. IMG_5743

We did a little unpacking and organizing, since we planned to spend three nights in Bangkok.  The river view from our hotel room at the Royal Orchid Sheraton was spectacular.  When my husband arrived later that evening, we walked next door to the river walk area and enjoyed a Thai food dinner at a restaurant featuring a patio with a view of the river.  We got some decent sleep that night, which was a much-needed respite after our full day in Ho Chi Minh and before our sightseeing days in Bangkok.

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