Daughter’s First Surf Competition

TalofofoMy 11-year-old daughter has been taking surf lessons for three weeks, and she participated in her first surf competition yesterday.  Sponsored by Lotus Surf Shop, this competition for women and kids took place at Guam’s Talofofo Bay.  She competed against other girls her age, all of whom had been surfing and competing for a couple of years.  The girls in her heat were so friendly, welcoming her, showing her the ropes, and helping her wax her new board.  The other parents helped us out too.  It’s such an amazing community!First Surf Comp

The real stars of the day were her coaches, Joe and Demi of Hui Nalu and Stonemoneysurf, who got in the water and cheered her and all their other students on every step of the way.  The minute they showed up, my daughter’s anxiety eased.  Not only was it her first competition, but it was also her first time using her new board and her first time surfing in the ocean rather than the wave pool.  She got right out there, surfed with all her heart, and had so much fun.  Before we left, she was (in her own words) ready to “butter me up so I’d take her back to the beach this week for more practice.”

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  1. Awesome, good for your daughter! These pictures are great. Talofofo Bay is one of my favorite spots on the island. I write a lot about Guam, if you get a chance please take a look at my blog!


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