Chamorro Lunar Calendar Festival

Lunar CalendarYesterday, we attended Guam’s Chamorro Lunar Calendar Festival where we watched dancers of all ages perform traditional hula-style Chamorro dances.  We picked up a complimentary lunar calendar with artwork created by local kids that includes tips on the best times to fish and plant.  We learned about some of the marine reserves and how to look for octopi when snorkeling or diving along the coral reefs.  Craft vendors sold hand-made shell jewelry, plants, and fresh produce.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch of grilled chicken, ribs, red rice, and coleslaw and drank refreshing mango and watermelon coolers.

For dessert, we bought homemade roskette cookies, much like the ones my grandmother used to make.  As children, we would gather in her kitchen as she rolled the cookie dough into pretzel shapes.  When they came out of the oven, my Grandma Damian did a little dance and sang, “And anybody can have some cookies,” much to the delight of her many grandchildren.

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