Hafa Adai from Guam!

IMG_4431We’ve made the leap from the snow and ice of Illinois to the sea and sunshine of Guam.  We’re busy house hunting and adjusting to distance education.  We’ve already made some good friends here and look forward to catching up with our Guamanian family soon.

After diving into the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the girls dove into their Laurel Springs education.  There’s a bit of a learning curve in navigating the program and getting into a home school routine, but I’m impressed with the rigor of the program.  Our 11-year-old daughter was accepted into the Gifted Academy, which starts in 6th grade.  All of her courses are online, and she loves it so far.  Our 8-year-old daughter is doing workbook and project-based assignments for third grade.  Their learning styles are very different, so we need to encourage them in different ways.

I’ll undoubtedly have plenty more to write about our adventures in moving, traveling, and home schooling in the years ahead.

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