“Things To Do Before Dying” Revisited, Part 2

When I started this blog, I wrote an early post titled 20 Things To Do Before I Die.  I revisited the progress of the list about a year later in the post Things to Do Before Dying Revisited.  Now, six years later, I realize that I’ve made a little more progress with the list, but I have so many more things to add to my ultimate bucket list.

As for things I’ve accomplished, I’m happy to report that I will soon embark on the adventure of #8, living abroad.  We’ll be moving to the island of Guam in the South Pacific in about a month.  It’s this move that has spurred many more ideas for things I want to add to my bucket list.  Specifically, I’ve been researching cultural festivals that take place in countries throughout Asia and the South Pacific.

I expect the travel writing aspect of this blog will become much more prolific over the next few years.  I hope you will vicariously share my travel adventures with me, via this blog, and please chime in with any travel recommendations of your own!  Any recommendations for places I should travel with my family in the Eastern Hemisphere?  Have you ever celebrated a local holiday in another country or visited a foreign country for the purpose of taking part in a cultural festival?  What are some of your favorite travel memories?

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