Messing with Nature

Spring LakeWe recently returned from spending a couple of weeks at our Spring Lake cabin in the Adirondacks.  All the cabin owners on the lake make a great effort to keep the lake and surrounding land as pure and pristine as possible.  There are no motorized boats. We do everything we can to maintain the health and purity of the lake.  Our kids have grown up spending summers at Spring Lake, and for the most part, they’ve taken this sentiment to heart, so we were surprised one day when our 10-year-old daughter came into the cabin and asked…

Daughter: “Can I have a Sharpie marker?”

Her Dad: “What do you need a Sharpie for?”

Daughter: “To draw on some rocks.”

(We were picturing graffiti on the large boulder-like rocks around the lake.)

Dad: “Don’t draw on things around the lake, Sweetie. We don’t want to mess with nature.”

Our daughter exited the cabin muttering: “You’re messing with my playful nature.”

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