Trip to Seattle, WA

Space NeedleWe recently traveled to Seattle, WA to visit some of my husband’s relatives.  Our two daughters loved Pike Place Market, where we grazed on a variety of the delicious food available for sale.  They enjoyed spending the day with their cousins at the zoo, despite my 10-year-old still limping after her recent foot surgery.  They were, however, confused about the space needle.

“That doesn’t look like a ship.  Why is it round?” queried my 7-year-old.  “Is that what a space ship really looks like?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Every space ship that abducted me looked just like that.”

Perhaps I didn’t help alleviate her confusion.  My 10-year-old gave me her typical “crazy Mom” eye roll, which I’m seeing more and more everyday since she became a tween.

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