Juggling Writing a Book and Motherhood

My deadline to finish the book I’m currently working on is this weekend.  The publisher wanted a super quick timeline, so I’ve been spending every free minute doing research and writing.  I’ve been living this book, and I’ve experienced some guilt about somewhat neglecting my kids in the process.  I try to convince myself that maybe I’m setting a good example for them, teaching them that you can focus and meet your goals with a little hard work and commitment.  Plus, it’s probably good for them to learn to entertain themselves without having to rely on me all the time.  However, there’s always a nagging sense that I’m failing in my parental responsibilities when I shoo them away with a brisk, “Mommy’s working.”

BreakfastAs we often discuss over at the Studio Mothers blog, balancing creative space and parenthood can be a challenge, even at the best of times.  Fortunately, my two daughters seem to grasp that writing has become part of my daily routine, and it’s important to me.  Yes, they still whine about the spotlight not being focused on them from time to time, but today they did something exceptional.  With no prompting from me or my husband (In fact, he was out of town when this happened.), the girls took it upon themselves to present me breakfast this morning.  They delivered it on a tray with a card that read:

Dear Mom,

We love you so so so much! You’re still the best Mom around!! Good luck on your book!!

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