My Kids Have It Tough

I know every kid whines, but I find it amusing to hear just what they choose to complain about.

Here are a few recent gripes from my four-year-old daughter:

  • “You never take me to Paris!”
  • “Why can’t I fly a helicopter?”
  • “I keep asking and asking, and you still haven’t taken me on a hot air balloon!”

Here’s a couple of the latest gems from my seven-year-old daughter:

  • “We only got to swim in two different pools today.  Why can’t we go to three?”
  • “Why do I have to wait so long to go to college?  I’m ready to go now!”


  1. priceless.

    be glad she already wants to go to college. if she feels the same way when she’s 16, i know a great little college in western mass designed to take students before graduating high school.


  2. Nice ones. Here’s one from my four year old granddaughter. She was told to clear the table and wanted her brother to help. She starts crying:
    “I’m crying here and nobody will help me … Why do you make me cry?”



  3. I have a Twitter friend who has seizures so she can’t drive. Her daughter was watching a cartoon and when the mom monkey got into the car to drive she said, “That’s silly! Everyone knows Moms don’t drive!”

    It’s funny how aware kids are of what their parents do or don’t do. 🙂


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