Pale Demon by Kim Harrison

I recently received my advance review copy of Pale Demon, Kim Harrison’s latest book in the Hollows series featuring the bounty hunter witch Rachel Morgan and her entourage of vampires, pixies, demons, elves, and werewolves.  I’ve reviewed several of Kim Harrison’s books and had the pleasure of conducting an interview with this bestselling author.

Kim Harrison is the pseudonym for Dawn Cook, and she began her career as a fantasy romance author under her real name.  No stranger to living incognito, she managed to keep her success and identity as a bestselling urban fantasy author a secret for years from her neighbors in the conservative South.  She currently lives in the Midwest, and though she no longer hides what she does for a living, she still prefers to don her long red wig over her own short blond hair for book tours in her persona as Kim Harrison.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming review of Pale Demon.

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