Greetings from Spring Lake

We’ve been on a road trip this past week.  It was our first time on the road with our one-year-old doodle dog.  (Though the vet and animal shelter seem to think she’s a black golden doodle, we’ve taken lately to calling her a muppet doodle, because honestly, she looks and acts like a muppet.)  The dog and our two young daughters have all been great little travelers.  We made several stops along the way, including visiting our good friends who just moved to Rochester, NY.

Now we’re settled into our cabin on a small lake up in the Adirondack mountains.  My brother came out from NYC to join us, and my cousin drove up from Boston with her husky/yellow lab mix dog for a few days.  We’ll spend a few days in Boston next week before heading home.  In the mean time, we’re enjoying the scenery, sunshine, clean air, hiking, swimming, canoeing, wild blueberries, wild chanterelle mushrooms, and visiting with family.  It’s truly good for the soul.


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