Urban Fantasy Book Giveaway

Tor.com is offering some great giveaways this month, in honor of the urban fantasy and paranormal romance genres.  Check it out!


  1. I Would LOVE to get more of Kim Harrisons’ books (Paperback).
    The Hollows series is the ULTIMATE in Alternate reality/Fantasy/Supernatural Fiction..once you start reading you can’t put it down!
    I hope that Ms. Harrison keeps writing about The Hollows for a Long, Long time!!
    I have read that she wants to move on to another series of books..I will be SO dissapointed if no more “Hollows” books come out!
    The Fast Paced read is fascinating, Riveting and perfect for most ages of readers..
    Harrison is one of the FEW Supernatural Authors that doesn’t fill her books with a “Filler” of disguised pornography.


  2. Would LOVE any used Kim Harrison or Keri Authur, or Laurel K. Hamilton books..can’t get enough of any of them, but mostly Kim Harrison!!
    Please, Please, PLEASE!!!
    Kim.. keep on with “The Hollows” series!!
    Can’t live without them!! Thanks!!


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