Locks of Love


My six-year-old daughter and I cut off our long pony tails yesterday in order to donate them to Locks of Love.  My daughter donated eleven inches of hair, and I was able to donate fifteen.  The first time I donated to Locks of Love, about five or six years ago, I was able to donate an eighteen inch long pony tail.  The new short sassy hairstyle is liberating and feels good for summer.  I haven’t had hair this short since the ninth grade.


My daughter likes her new hairdo too.  (Mostly, she likes me not yanking a brush through her long hair everyday in order to get out all the many tangles that would work their way into her hair while she was running, playing, and swimming.)  The most surprising thing about my daughter’s hair was discovering that it could be quite curly and full of body in the back once it was shorter.  Who knew?


  1. Have you still got that weird feeling of walking around thinking that something is missing? I remember getting rid of some long hair, and it took me days to get used to the oddness of it.


  2. […] colored it purple, my personal Prince tribute.  I donated the cut hair to Locks of Love, as I have many times before.  Many people, even hairdressers, assume that colored hair can’t be donated.  However, […]


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