Greetings from Jamaica

We are on a family cruise vacation that left from Miami (or “Your Ami?” as my three-year-old keeps calling it), and we spent the day in port at Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  The girlies got their hair braided with colorful beads and enjoyed walking around and exploring.  Now they’re at the pool with Daddy while I’m blogging from the cruise ship.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend the day at Grand Cayman, seeing sea turtles and enjoying the beach.  We’re having a blast.

I never really considered myself a cruise person before now, but when vacationing with young kids, I have to admit that Carnival cruise line has a great family program.  There are kids camp activities all day and into the night for all ages included in the cost of the cruise, and they really cater to the entertainment needs of both the adults and the kids alike.


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