Cable TV: Which Shows Will Get Renewed for Next Season?

Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly just posted another handy list.  This one outlines the breakdown of where the cable shows stand — which ones will be renewed, which will be canceled, and which ones are on the line.

I also posted last week about how the major network shows are shaking down.


  1. After viewing both lists, the only thing I have to say is cable seems to be able to better handle shows that viewers enjoy. All of my cable shows have been renewed and there are a few new ones I am anxiously waiting to see. The major networks in the past couple of years have really been a hugh disappoinment. Reality shows (of which I am not a big fan) seem to be taking over. They must be less expensive to produce because most articles list expense as the major factor in not renewing a show. Consistent viewer audience doesn’t count if it is not out of the ballpark. At one point in my life not too long ago, I did not watch tv at all. Then I received an invitation to participate in the Nielson ratings. So I watched tv to be able to complete the questionnaire and I found there were some shows I really enjoyed. But that was in the days of when life was not so complicated. If cable begins to follow the same road as the major networks, I think I will revert back to not watching tv again.


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