Which TV shows will get renewed next season?

Wondering which of your favorite TV shows will be on again next season and which will be canceled?  Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly posted a handy list of shows, listed by network, letting us know which shows have received early renewals, which shows have been canceled, and which are on the line.


  1. it’s a sad list. sadder that i know more of it than i’d like.

    here’s my one big stray thought: i love the big bang theory, a lot because of sheldon and his aspergerian traits being presented in a fun way. however, i’m starting to not like that the execs are reognizing this in a profiteering way to exploit the traits more for ‘laugh at’ comedy than funny tolerance quality, which seemed to be original intent and the reason why so many of we asperger’s families loved it originally.

    i would hate to see it go there so quickly, and then while the rest of general society laughs at sheldon, the kids watching come to school and laugh at our kids in a mocking way rather than the ‘oh he’s like sheldon! well, that’s not so bad, let’s hang out with him.’ i’d hate to see the show contribute to a situation that is already so hard for these kids, on both sides, to cross effectively and meet in the middle in a positive manner.


  2. Cathy, I agree that we need more shows that portray a diverse range of characters from all walks of life and backgrounds, but it’s essential that they do so in a respectful manner. America’s diverse, and it’s nice to see that reflection of ourselves in our programming. It can help build sensitivity and acceptance.

    That’s one of the things I like about Glee. They’re showing some characters we don’t normally see on mainstream TV, cast in a positive light. It’s done with humor and definitely has an edge to it, but ultimately, I want to cheer on the underdogs. It’s only midway through its first season though. Let’s hope that doesn’t deteriorate, as you suggest has happened with The Big Bang Theory.

    It’s a difficult line to walk if the writers aren’t really experienced in those areas, but when it comes across well, it can be a winning formula.


  3. Thanks for the link. I always like to know if my favorite shows are getting another year. Bummed to see a few on the “long shot” list, but still some great shows out there that are getting renewed…like “Modern Family” and “The Good Wife”. Love those shows. 🙂


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