Santa’s Super Powers

My six-year-old daughter has always been big into superheroes.  Lately, she’s been asking me what Santa’s super powers are.  Her enthusiasm is contagious to her three-year-old little sister as well.

Teen Titans seems to be a particular favorite this month.  They’re superheroes lite.  As kids or teens still growing up and finding their own way, they still make mistakes and learn from them.  She loves Starfire and Raven, in particular.

I was also into superheroes as a kid (and admittedly, still am).  I love comics and graphic novels, and perhaps that’s partly why I find myself so entertained by my kids’ superhero obsession.  I love to see their imaginations run wild as they play superheroes and villains, dreaming up all sorts of potential super powers and rescue scenarios.


  1. so what are santa’s superpowers? 😉

    i loved comics as a kid and my boys’ father was working in a comics store when we met and eventually ran the place…i got a late reintro to comics world after a ten year hiatus and though i am not steeped in it now, i do still really enjoy words and pictures and superpowers and the wondrous way they work so well together in that particular form, and i got to show los bros hernandez around boston and meet neil gaiman a few times at industry functions, and, and, and …. so creatively, it was really cool to be in that world when i was.

    and who doesn’t love superpowers?!


  2. When you think about it, Santa has a lot of superpowers.

    He can move very, very quickly, and drive even quicker.

    He can consume apparently infinite amounts of sherry and mince pies without exploding.

    He must be able to change shape to get down those chimneys, because let’s face it, a fat man is not the ideal shape for it.

    He can receive letters from children all round the world, when some of us are hard pushed to get letters sent from a few miles away thanks to the Post Office.


  3. He has the power of flight? Also he has minions unlike other super heroes and yes batman has the one kid but santa has his elfs and also he has reindeer! Just a thought…


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