Reading List

I’ve added a list of the books I’ve read, broken down by year.  You can access it by clicking the “Reading List” tab at the top of the page.  Links to the books I’ve reviewed on this blog can be found within the list.

I never used to keep lists of the books I read, but I decided that it was an interesting footnote to track for the purpose of this blog.  I’ve only been keeping the list since 2008, and I’ll update the 2009 list as the year continues.

You can find the books I read for pleasure and for review (which I also do for the sheer love of it) on my Reading List page.  It doesn’t include all the books I read to my kids or the links to reviews I’ve done in other categories such as games, toys, food, etc.   It is strictly a reading list, as the name implies.

Feel free to comment and add your thoughts.  What do you like to read?  Do we have any overlap?  If you have questions about any of the books on the list, I’ll be more than happy to provide my thoughts and give feedback.  I love to talk books!

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