TV Show: The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries, a TV show based on a series of books by L.J. Smith, premieres on the CW tonight.  The show stars Paul Wesley as the vampire Stefan.  I loved Wesley in the miniseries, Fallen, in which he played a nephilim teen discovering that angels, both good and evil, walk among us, and that he himself is descended from one.

Of course, I already have my TiVo set to record the season of The Vampire Diaries.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the heated debate launched in the comments section of my review of Stephenie Meyer’s book, The Host.  Many readers feel strongly that Stephenie Meyer pilferred the Twilight storyline straight from L.J. Smith’s series, The Vampire Diaries.  If you have an opinion to offer, please feel free to add your thoughts, either on the original post, or on this one as well.


  1. With so many variations having been done on the theme, I suppose the deciding factors become simple ones of acting and direction, rather than whether it manages to do anything particularly new.


  2. i’m not a huge vampire genre fan in its current incarnation as a trend, and haven’t read the vampire diaries. i did read twilight and was not nearly as enamored of it as apparently the rest of the world. see review

    i did find it using the old vampiric themes in a highly derivative manner, the glamor, the helplessness against overpowering lust or just being overpowered. i also thought the writing left a lot to be desired. the plot was strong but the telling of it felt as if it were by a very immature writer, craftwise. and the plot is so very tortured boy tortured girl get each other in the end because they can’t deny their desires: harlequin romance.

    so if it seems like a rip-off of diaires, i can’t say, but it sure seems like a rip-off in a general sense of the romantic vampire genre.


  3. So my daughters and I loved this series, but felt very bad for Paul Wesley as his hotness points went down when Ian Somerhalder (Damian) appeared and said “Hello, brother”. We love him from lost and everyone screamed “Boone”! Haven’t seen the second one yet as we DVR everything, but really liked the first one.


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