Stand-by Travel

No, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.  I have simply been travelling.  I went to California on a baby tour.  A friend of mine in Santa Clara had a baby, and another friend in Richmond recently adopted a baby, so I popped out there for a few days to meet their wee babes.

When I planned this trip, I must have been hallucinating back to a time when airline stand-by travel benefits were still manageable enough that they were actually considered benefits.  I got out there okay, but it took me two days and four different airports to get home, and even then, I felt grateful that I didn’t get stuck for a second night.

I made the most of the trip though.  Not only did I have a very pleasant visit with my friends and their little ones, but I even enjoyed getting stranded in Denver.  I called up a girlfriend from high school, and another mutual good friend just happened to be in town from L.A. visiting her.  They picked me up from the airport, and we went out to dinner and a play.

The name of the play was “Girls Only: The Secret Comedy of Women.”  If you happen to be in Denver, and particularly if you are of the feminine gender, I highly recommend this play.  It was written, directed, and acted by two laugh-out-loud funny women who claim to be friends who met as adults but who should have also been childhood BFFs.  They proceed to read excerpts from their childhood diaries, sing, dance, and perform short skits about the history, trials, and joys of being a girl.


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