My New iPhone

I’ve had an iPhone for 24 hours now, and already I don’t know how I ever lived without it!

I used to carry around a cell phone, an iPod nano, a Palm Pilot PDA, and my laptop.  Now I can do most of what I need on one handy little gadget.  I’ll still probably lug my laptop around with me almost everywhere I go, so that I can take advantage of every little opportunity I have to write.

The problem with me and electronics though is that they all tend to mysteriously combust.  Phones, PDAs, computers, watches, batteries, and almost all forms of technology go on the fritz regularly around me.  It’s not just my gadgets that are affected either.  If I am in close proximity with someone else, that person’s gizmos are placed at risk as well.

I was in the doctor’s office a couple of days ago, while the doctor sat next to me during her attempt to look up prescription dosages on her PDA.  Her reliable little gadget suddenly stopped working, and I’m sure I had something to do with it.

I am hoping that my new iPhone will be a little more hearty.


  1. Congrats on your new iPhone. Some of my favorite apps: Shazam (identifies music through your iPhone’s microphone), Pandora (streaming music over Wi-Fi), G-Park (helps you find your parked car) and Yelp (from restaurants to dentists…real reviews by real people).


  2. i swear i have a weirdly aligned electro-magnetic field that kills or quirks electronics around me. i have a friend back in boston who has the same issue and thought on it.


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