Electronic Gadgets Hate Me!

It’s true.  I love technology, and I own quite a few gadgets.  I’m totally dependent upon them, regardless of the fact that they seem to break the minute I touch them.

It started with watches when I was just a girl.  Most people say that their watches last for years.  I can buy a nice watch from a reliable maker, put it on, and practically watch the hands slow down and stop working.  This has happened with dozens and dozens of watches over the years, and it’s not as if I’m hard on them.  I treat them gently and take very good care of my stuff.  That doesn’t change the fact that I go through new watch batteries every 1-3 months, that is until the watch stops responding to any battery at all and simply dies for good.  My Aunt’s theory is that I generate some mild electrical field in my aura or something weird that interferes with the gadgets around me.  The same thing happens to her.

My iPod freezes frequently, though that may be an Apple thing.  The various cell phones I’ve owned have also been known to go on the fritz in unexplainable ways, no matter the type of phone or the service provider.  Even my computers tend to jump around and do unpredictable things — like suddenly freeze, close programs I’m in the middle of using, or start typing letters that are not the ones I’m hitting.  My husband owns the same model of laptop purchased at the same time, yet does not experience these problems.

The latest in my string of electronic gadget casualties is my Palm Pilot, and no amount of resetting it will make it respond correctly.  For years, my husband has jokingly referred to my Palm Pilot as “my brain” because I keep everything in there — my address book, our family activities and calendar events, my ever-crucial To Do list that I simply can not function without, and my notes and memos about travel information, gift ideas for family members, etc.  My husband’s assessment is not far off.  By losing access to my Palm Pilot, I have absolutely lost my mind!


  1. Maybe you give off an electro-magnetic pulse. Or better yet, when a.i. revolts in the future, we will fight the mechanized hordes with you! 🙂 Thanks for saving the world in advance.


  2. an old friend of mine who is a medium has the same trouble, as do i. i’ve often felt more attuned to invisible forces than the general population. fyi: i have an old seiko watch i’ve been wearing for about 20 yrs, the only one that lasted more than a month or so for me. camera and cellphone batteries drain on me constantly and just ask my techie dh. just weird sh** happens to my computer. all i do is type on it and a little blog wandering!


  3. Was yours a Palm IIIxe like mine? I’m in between such PDAs now, having lost one in a movie theater and putting in a bid on eBay for another one. I loved mine. I even put the King James Bible in mine. I’m still wondering how I ever got along without one.


  4. Hello,

    I have the same problem… Watches only last about 3-6 months with me. I am on my 7th cell phone on 9 months and now the one I have now has gone on the fritz! My ipod also works intermittently. My friends and significant others all think I am lying when I tell them I didn’t get their texts or phone calls… Should I be flying???!!!!???? YIKES!!! HELP!!!!


  5. Also… I recently had xrays at the dentist… it literally felt like it was going to pull my head apart… I know this sounds crazy but I have been having the watch and cell ohone problem for years, although it seems to be getting worse and more frequent. I feel like I am losing my mind.. have you found any information on this issue? I’m not even sure what to google.


  6. Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever met another person with this problem before. I’ve never had the painful x-ray experience, but the rest sounds awfully familiar. Most people don’t know what to make of it when I try to explain the phenomenon.

    My husband jokes that it’s the side effect of my wizard-like magical powers. (That’s a reference to Jim Butcher’s books.) Unfortunately, there have been no such perks, such as magical abilities, that have manifested themselves. It’s just this general destruction of all things electronic, like my own magnetic field interferes with their basic functioning.

    I’ve never actually attempted to research it. Please chime back in if you find out anything of interest!


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