Empty iTunes

Where did my iTunes library go?  When my iPod Nano froze (again!), I went to sync it back up with my iTunes software to reload the songs and playlists, and instead, everything was totally wiped out.  I just sat there staring in horror at a totally blank iTunes music file.

How did this happen?  I’ve spent hours trying to reload all my music (which thankfully had recently been backed up, though in a messy format) and re-organize it into playlists.  Now, I may not be the most technologically adept person on the planet, but some things should be easier than this, particularly when we spend so much money on these little gadgets.  What a wretched waste of my time!


  1. My husband would be glad to go into a two-hour diatribe about how all apple products suck and how no one should be using their awful iTunes (he’s nuts about it.)

    I will just say, wow. That blows. I am sorry!


  2. Keith – No, I naively uploaded all of my music directly into iTunes on my new laptop, and didn’t keep it in a separate music file as I did on my old PC. I won’t be making that mistake again!

    Liz – I think I’m with your husband on this one. I loved how user-friendly iTunes was when I first used it, but I had no idea it was so unreliable.


  3. I have had the same problem before. Apple defaults to automatically update and sync your folders and files. I find it much safer and easier to go into the options and tell it you want to do that manually. I have way more music in iTunes that I could fit on any iPod so that is another reaon to do it. I also switch the music ripping format from the default crappy apple m4a format to the mp3 format.

    I just had a problem with my iPhone where apple tried to update the itunes and iphone software at the same time. My iPhone freaked out and had to be restored to the default settings and I had to redo the music. Now it is on there but won’t play. I hate Apple!


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