Old MacDonald’s Wacky Farm

My kids like to cycle their bedtime songs.  They’ll obsessively request the same song over and over every night for weeks, and then suddenly decide to ask for something new.  For a long time, it was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Moon River.”  Lately, it’s been “Old MacDonald.”

I allow each girl to request two verses.  They both request “piggy” because they enjoy it when I tickle them for an “oink, oink here and an oink, oink there.”  However, in an effort to put their own unique twist onto this classic children’s song, the second verse they request is always something of a challenge to sing.  My five-year-old likes to request items like “thermometer” or “humidifier” just to see what I’ll come up with for the sounds they make.  My two-year-old likes to request the longest nonsense word she can think of, such as “nadomanogoogidala.”

Not too far off from the humor of this old school Muppets scene…


  1. I vaguely remember being awkward and asking for things like rabbits that don’t make much in the way of noise. It leaves annoying holes in the thing.


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