Little Rock Stars

While eating lunch yesterday, my two-year-old daughter told me, “I wanna be tar.”

“What sweetie?” I asked her.

“I wanna be tar!” she repeated with emphasis.

In response to the confusion on my face, my five-year-old daughter added helpfully, “She wants to be a star.”

“A star?” I asked. “Like a star in the sky?”

“No Mommy,” my five-year-old rolled her eyes, “A star that’s in a band.  I want to be a star too.”

My two-year-old nodded and carefully pronounced the “s” in the word, “Yes.”

“Oh, I see.  What kind of band were you thinking about?”

“A really cool band, Mommy,” replied my five-year-old, “with all girls.”

“Would you play an instrument in this band or sing?”

“I would sing.  That’s easier because my fingers don’t know how to play those things yet,” she said as she awkwardly played air guitar.

“And what would your band’s name be?”

She gave some thought before answering, and then replied enthusiastically, “ROCK STARS!”


  1. It could be worse. At least she likes rock. And if the guitar proves too hard, there’s always the bass. (There may be a subtle clue there as to which I prefer to play)


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