Book Review: My Big Book of Spanish Words by Rebecca Emberley

My Big Book of Spanish Words by Rebecca Emberley is an introductory Spanish/English book for children published by Hachette Book Group’s Little, Brown and Company imprint.  As always, when reviewing any products designed for kids, I sat down with my resident experts, which in this case included my two-year-old daughter and my five-year-old daughter.

This book, with its colorful images and simple word labels particularly appealed to my two-year-old.  She sat down in my lap and asked me to read it over and over again, with the untiring focus that only a young child can exhibit.  She readily repeated the words in both Spanish and English.

The page topics included:

  • My Colors / Mis Colores
  • My Food / Mi Comida
  • My Toys / Mis Juguetes
  • My Clothes / Mi Ropa
  • My Room / Mi Cuarto
  • My Animals / Mis Animales
  • Things That Go / Cosas Que Se Mueven
  • Shapes / Formas
  • My Numbers / Mis Números
  • My Bath Time / Mi Hora de Baño
  • My Bedtime / Mi Hora de Dormir

The illustrations are bright and eye-catching.  It served as a simple introduction to Spanish for both my two-year-old and myself, and a decent source for review for my five-year-old who, at her younger sister’s age, was almost as fluent in Spanish as she was in English, thanks to her bilingual nanny.  I am sad to say that she has lost much of her Spanish language skills, so I was grateful for this book as a touchstone to revisit some basic vocabulary.


  1. Is it sad that this book seems about my speed to learn a new language? hehe. Can you recommend an adult easy learn language book?

    I was happy to see you visit and comment on my blog recently, thanks so much!


  2. Other than my high school French text books and translation dictionaries, I haven’t looked at language books geared for grown-ups in quite some time.

    My husband recently invested in Rosetta Stone software to learn Mandarin Chinese. He said that it would probably be a useful format for learning a language with a traditional alphabet, but having just begun the program, he is struggling right now with the complexity of Mandarin, regardless of the quality of the delivery system.


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