Super Powers

If I ever want to create a new ability for a potential character, all I have to do is ask my four-year-old for ideas.  She invents new super powers for her games on a regular basis.  Perhaps this is due to the fact that she isn’t familiar with most of the legendary comic book characters yet, and therefore, doesn’t have preconceived notions about what traits are standard.

A couple of weeks ago, she added a new ability to her wish list.  She told me that she’d like to have the power to shoot lava out of her hands.  Would that be a power more appropriate to a villain rather than a superhero?

My girls play superheroes almost everyday.  It recently caused some confusion for my one-year-old when they were practicing to be flower girls for my best friend’s wedding.  While rehearsing with fake flower petal props at home, my little one threw all of her flowers into the air, thrust her fist in front of her, and yelled “FLOWER GIRL!” before charging forward at a full tilt run, pretending to fly.


  1. That is too freaking cute!

    You know, the superpower doesn’t make the hero or villain. The hero or villain makes the superpower…. but don’t ask me how any good can come from explosive lava.


  2. That’s wonderful. Now, if only she’d do it at the wedding.

    The really destructive superpowers have obvious villain applications, but are probably more interesting on heroes. After all, it’s far more fun watching a superhero work out how not to kill everyone with lava while getting a cat down from a tree than it is to watch a villain just fry the tree.


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