NASA Goodies

My oldest daughter received a surprise package full of goodies from NASA — autographed photos of astronauts, a NASA sticker, a patch, and a pin.  Thank you to whoever was responsible for sending these items to her.  She loves them.  My four-year-old has been claiming that she intends to be an astronaut since the age of two, and she talks about going into outer space with matter-of-fact confidence, as if it is a given.


  1. I guess you haven’t told your daughter about the problems the astronauts and cosmonauts have been having on the space station lately. More specifically, their toilet is broken and I, uhm, will leave it at that.


  2. It does sound like a messy job, but since she has specified that she intends to be an “astronaut-firefighter-doctor-racecar driver-writer-archeologist-princess,” she’s probably going to have her hands pretty full as it is. (And we better plan for a big college fund.)


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