Product Review: Domo

Dark Horse Comics is releasing a new line of Domo products, and they were kind enough to send a few items for review.  Domo is the plush brown monster-like creature who serves as the gentle mascot for Japan’s NHK television station.  Not surprisingly, Domo’s favorite pastime is watching TV.

He lives in a cave and shares adventures with his friends — rabbit Mr. Usaji, bats Patience and Mario, teenage female weasel Tashanna, pixie flower twins Hee and Haw, and A Little Bear.  Domo’s favorite foods include Japanese style meat and potato stew, and he exhibits an aversion to apples because they are not compatible with his DNA.

If your children like the Ugly Dolls, they are sure to be a fan of Domo.  There is a rapidly growing following of kids and adults alike who find this lovable forest ‘creature who hatched from an egg’ simply irresistible.

Domo JournalOne of two Domo journals that will be available from Dark Horse Comics is the spiral-bound version that features a cover of Domo relaxing on a bed of grass in a field of wildflowers.  There is an area on the inside cover for the owner to write his or her name inside Domo’s mouth.  The orange and white pages show trees and snakes in the forest, and a television set in the corner with Domo displayed in several different poses.

Domo StationeryThe Domo stationery set is designed as a tablet of self-mailers.  The paper is thick and feels smooth to the touch.  It includes 40 pages with four different colors and designs from which to choose.  Each design has a slightly different background, along with Domo in the midst of various activities.  After writing a letter, the stationery is designed to be folded and sealed in order to make its own envelope, where the address can be prominently written inside Domo’s large red mouth.

Domo patchThe Domo embroidered patch is 3 inches by 2.5 inches, and can be applied either via heat-transfer or as a sew-on accessory to almost any fabric.  It is small but sturdy.  This one is going on my four-year-old’s denim jacket, and is sure to make her feel hip and trendy amongst the preschool set.

Dark Horse Deluxe will also be releasing Domo plush dolls in June, available for the first time in a variety of colors.


  1. The self-mailing stationary reminds me of the old international air mail stationary. It even had the postage on it! 🙂

    Some of this Domo stationary may end up on my stationary shelf.


  2. It’s cool that you are doing a Domo-Kun blog. Now I can have updates on what’s coming out. I already seen the journal & the letter kit. Pretty cute 🙂 I want little toys.


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