Jelly Shoes

Jelly ShoesDo you remember jelly shoes, those rubbery inter-woven bendy flats that came in all sorts of bright colors, from the 80’s?  I saw them in the store a few days ago.  My four-year-old daughter begged for a pair, and since her foot had grown a full size and she needed new shoes, I decided to buy them for her.

Later that afternoon at Grandma’s house, my one-year-old insisted that she wanted to wear them, and the two girls fought over the hot pink PVC footwear until eventually reaching a compromise whereby each one of them got one shoe.  They walked around the house, happily tapping their one jelly shoe against the hardwood floors.  Clack, clack, clack.

I went back to the store and bought my one-year-old her own pair today.  Now they have matching jelly shoes, almost identical to the pair I had when I was a girl.


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